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“Why I prefer being in Nollywood movies than Hollywood” – Nigerian actress, Nazo Ekezie revealed



Nigerian actress, Nazo Ekezie says she prefers starring in domestic movies than foreign ones because of the quality of scripts.

The screen diva said Nollywood filmmakers have the best scripts in the business which is why she sometimes finds it hard to resist not taking up roles even when she’s set to go on vacation.

Speaking in an interview, Nazo also said she is very committed to her work and she sees herself as a good role interpreter.

The talented actress said; “I have not even become choosy enough. Nollywood directors and producers have the best scripts. Sometimes, even when one decides to go on vacation, there are some scripts one would see and want to do.

There are many talented people in this country. What happened was that I ventured more into production, so it took me off shooting all the time.

I consider myself a very talented actor. Aside from being talented, whenever I accept a movie role and say I am going to shoot a film, I take it on with everything I have got. I am always willing to show up and do the work. I show concern as well. That is what does it for me.”

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