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“Nigeria is hard” – Man exposes pure water hawkers intentionally damaging their goods to get money from passers-by (Video below)



A furious Nigerian man has exposed some fraudulent young hawkers who fool passers-by into giving them money.

In the video, the man revealed that the hawkers intentionally spill sachets of water on the ground, after which, they break down in tears to fool people into pitying him and giving them some money.

Unfortunately, they were caught by the man who saw them set up the stage and shared a video of the incident.

Netizens however took pity on the boys and noted that the situation in the country drove them into doing such.

@idia.aisien commented: “Likeeee. just give him money please! What’s the video for??? Nigeria is hard enough for many.”

@naijachick_chichi questioned: “Can you blame him? Nigeria is a breeding ground of poverty for its citizens. Ait this point, people have ENTIRELY lost an HOPE in Nigeria! People will do what they have to do to survive!! When the government IMPOVERISHES AN ENTIRE COUNTRY, guess what happens? Crime rates go up. Infact he’s was innocent! Here on out is open season! As in do for self survival mode. Dropping Water bags is nothing compared to what politicians are doing in Nigeria. May God have mercy on Naija because people will do what they gotta do to survive and it will not be pretty!”

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@iamwoleoni commented: “Help if you wanna help guys. If his papa be Dangote he won’t be in that state… It’s purely poverty mentality… Help them nonetheless.”

@ikezuewest said: “A sensible human will not see these children do these and blame them, make jest of them and shoot a Video of them.. Kids trying to survive, selling cheap bags of water, they must have gone a whole lot of time suffering, walking in the scorching heat of the Sun without selling. They never planned to steal, they just devised an idea on how to draw attention to make people notice and help them, and all a human did was to make it look as if they are the ones that rigged Our Polling Units. Where Did you say Humanity Traveled to sef?”

Watch the video below;

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