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“Nawa o” – Nigerian mum with face piercings and make-up causes stir (Video below)



A Nigerian lady has caused a huge stir on Tiktok after showing off her mother with so many facial piercings.

The video shared via popular app, TikTok, showed her mother at a shopping mall with lots of piercings on her face, coloured teeth and an ‘awkward’ make-up.

She captioned the video:

“My mum is my world thanks for everything ure the best mom ever. I love you like that. You or nobody mum. Can’t trade you for anyone.”

Social media reactions:

@Anita Simon questioned: “Sorry o, is your mom mad? Asking for a friend”

@Kaka commented: “Lord of the rings.”

@Epolle Palle wrote: “Nor be small arts this. She is supposed to be in the museum.”

@LOCAL MAN 1 of 1 said: “This your own mummy nawa ooo.”

@Aminah said: “it’s her job. She does piercings for living and she is good at it.”

@OMOTOLANI wrote: “Are u guys mad y are u criticizing her mom there are just some stuff u might have done that u may not be proud of buh still yet she raise this beauty.”

@Ta_Arires unisex asked: “How many hours ur mum dey use dey do her art work for face.”

Watch Video Below:

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