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“My son can never marry you” – Nigerian mum plans with son to prank fiancee (Video below)



TikTok app has been flooded with videos of people trying to test the loyalty of their partners in different ways and scenarios. The aftermath of these pranks were different as some ladies passed the test while others failed woefully.

In a trending video, a Nigerian man decided to prank his fiancee after getting queries from his mother who maintained that she wasn’t good for marriage.

Alongside his mother and a friend, the young man called the attention of his fiancee, claiming to have lost his job just a few months before their wedding. To start the prank, he called the young woman and asked her to come to a particular location to meet him.

When she arrived, he informed her that his job was terminated and he has lost access to all his funds. The lady did not take the news well as she ranted that she could not get married without money. She began by stating the fact that her friend’s wedding was a very expensive one.

The lady also mentioned that her skin was too soft and clear to undergo any kind of suffering with him. She refused to continue the wedding.

While they were still discussing, the third party and his cameraman came out from hiding and told the woman that it was just a prank. Immediately, she began to panic and beg her fiance and his mother to forgive her. Sadly, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

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Social media reactions

@mysarahrajab said: “Am happy for Olive He will get a good gal.”

@dino eva commented: “Make ur friends maintain ur skin for u.”

@st_keisha XX wrote: “After you will ask God why you’re not married yet.”

@KAIVic commented: “And were is the skin.”

@Kelvin Ricch wrote: “Omo I come to realize that love is there but it’s just because of the money no girl really love you without money.”

@Augustina Yohanna wrote: “Camera man ejor no vex zoom d skin biko.”

@gennybunn22 said: “Which skin dey fresh?”

@Kellio commented: “Omo God please send me a wife.”

“My son can never marry you”: Nigerian mum plans with son to prank fiancee

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