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Commercial traveling timetable is unfavourable – Pastor Adeboye reacts to being probed by EFCC for buying private jet (Video)



The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye in a video that surfaced online narrated his encounter with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) after he bought a private jet..

81-year-old pastor Adeboye while speaking during a Church service said the purchase of the private jet years ago brought about a lot of noise and criticism from people.

Pastor Adeboye disclosed that EFCC officials came after him and he had to return to God for a solution,

Pastor Adeboye is one of the most popular men of God in Nigeria. He lives a luxury lifestyle that includes reportedly owning three private jets.

He said, “They sent EFCC to come and probe me, “Where did he get the money to buy a jet?” etc. The noise was much.”

He added that he didn’t buy it for pleasure and the church work has expanded in such a way that he can’t do it by commercial travelling.

Pastor Adeboye said he can’t wait for timetable of commercial transport because he won’t be able to do what God want him to do.

kingkendrick_23: But jesus did not buy the most expensive chariot and the gospel reached all over the world. With all due respect sir use the commercial flight and follow their time table you will do what God asked you to do , miracle no dy tire jesus..

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brightquinn_: Politicians are buying private jets of all kind with your money , buying properties all over the world with your tax money and that of your children to come but it’s not a problem you even celebrate them. . Yet most of you choose to attack the pastor that you don’t attend his church, you have never paid tithe or offering to him for once . . If you think pastors are using your money to enrich themselves then stop paying tithes and offering, stop going to their church if you so please , nobody had a gun to your head before you did all that.

kelvin_of_abuja: If you are a pastor and you are poor they’ll probably say you a fake pastor cos how come the God you serving can’t bless you, now if you are rich they’ll say is offering and tithes .. every average Nigeria is confused and full of hate no need to explain if I’m a pastor I’ll probably have four jets if I can afford them moreover aside loving God who’ doesn’t like comfortability and luxury.. Abeg ride on papa 😂😂😂😂.

berrryjune: The general overseer of the largest church in Africa and you are asking why he has a private jet??? God has blessed him through his members. And I Tap from the blessing. You think God will pour money from heaven to bless people doing his work?? No he will use man to bless man. All these unnecessary insults, you will just invite wrath to yourself. Think well ooo.

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