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“Begging kill una” – Woman rushes to save her child as Benin man attempts to take her home for begging and following him around (Video below)



A Nigerian man from Benin has stirred hilarious reactions after revealing how he attempted to take a child beggar home.

He narrated that the beggar had asked him for some money at a market in Benin. The child kept on following him and in anger, he attempted to carry her to his house which made her break down in tears.

On sighting what was happening, the child’s mother immediately came to her daughter’s rescue.

He wrote:

“Today I almost carry begger pikin for New Benin market go house. Beg kill una 😂😂💔.”

Watch Video Below


I almost carry begger go house and d little girl was crying 😒💔#fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #viral #trending

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Reacting to the video,

@Akwa Nwa said: “The next thing I wan do now na to go buy APC flag ..that 200naira own.if u beg me money I go dash u one.”

@BerryBankz wrote: “Na them Dey beg na them go vote atiku and Tinubu😂 make Atiku and Tinubu give them money😂.”

@Boss wife commented: “I laugh out loud my 1 year daughter follow me laugh🤣🤣.”

@Darajoy❤️❤️❤️ stated: “😂😂😂😂 I swear der own too much 😂😂😂.”

@Perry ❤️ wrote: “Na so one hold me for pti junction when I wan cross. I tire for life that day see embarrassment.”

@user6632978936240 said: “But they like holding someone tight for clothes now she don see who kuku carry am she dey shout.”

@AyshaNimah wrote: “😂😂😂 you don break record.”

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