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Beautiful Bride Kneels Down and Uses Mouth to Put Small Pot on Fire on Wedding Day, TikTok Video Goes Viral



A bride has gone viral after she was seen in a TikTok video performing what appears to be a wedding rite.

In the 2 minutes and 12 seconds video posted by @debbyzimba, the bride and two other women were on their knees.

The bride knelt down and used her mouth to pot a small pot on fire. Photo credit: TikTok/@debbyzimba.Source: TikTok

They knelt before a fireplace which had firewood and fire on it. The first woman demonstrated how to lift the small pot using her mouth.

Viral video of a bride using mouth to lift pot goes viral
Following the example, the bride picked up the empty pot with her mouth and placed it on the fireplace.

She then also used her mouth to hold a cup which she used to fetch some water and pour it into the pot.

What the bride did appears to be part of her wedding rites or a demonstration of how she will cook for her family as a cultured woman. This is not confirmed, and the place where the video was recorded is not yet known.

It has, however, gone viral on TikTok and elicited more than 3000 comments from young people who have many things to say about the scene.

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