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“APC’s Votes Was Changed From 20 To 120 While LP’s Votes Was Changed From 67 To 07” –GRV Alleges



Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, the Lagos State Labour Party Governorship Cidate has alleged that there were instances of votes alteration at the just concluded Lagos State Gubernatorial Election. GRV made this claim while speaking to the media.

Showing a statement of result from one of the polling units in Lagos, GRV claimed his party scored 067 votes but the result was altered with tippex changed from 067 to 07, as the 6 in the middle was covered using the correction pen. He added that the All Progressives Congress previously had 20 votes but ‘1’ was added to make it ‘120’.

‘If you notice, there is a signature here but this has been altered. You see the signature was originally for 67. Now, tippex has been used to cover the ‘6’, ‘0’ has been added now you see 7. You look at the APC, originally it was 20 or something, now you see the tippex here, 1 has been added, now it is 120.”

“The signatures are there but these results have been tampered with. And there is so many instances of this also you find out that a lot of results are being called authentic results but you see that they are state assembly results or presidential results”

“Like for instance, this is a state assembly results but it is being submitted as governorship result it is this same results that is being calculated announced by INEC. So, there is so many instances of this’.

He added that Labour Party is in the lead according to the results they have seen. He also condemned the entirety of the electoral process, describing it as a sham of an election. He said people were threatened, party agents were sent away from the units voters were beaten during the elections.

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