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Wife dresses up her 55-year-old husband as he resumes primary school (Video below)



Without shame, a 55-year-old man identified as Rusengamihigo Jean Marie Vianney has returned to primary school. The married man who is currently enrolled in class five learns with kids who are age mates with his grandchildren.

Speaking with Afrimax, Vianney who dropped out of school when he was in primary six said he was inspired to return to school thanks to the government.

In his words:

“I started school but later dropped out. Later, the government encouraged many people to go to school.

“And I am among people who returned to school after dropping out when I was in primary 6.” Years ago when Vianney schooled, pupils were taught in French and this has made him struggle with learning which is done in English. A clip shared by Afrimax captured a lovely moment his wife dressed him up and said some prayers as Vianney left for school.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

King-Size Colina Jallow said: “My question is how do he go work and school at the same time? I think that it’s too late for him to go back to school at 50 ages what he’s going to learn and also he’s dreams come true? my advice this man should go work help his wife and stop go school at this age but I wish him all the Best.”

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Okwy frank said: “He has alot of guts, even if the certificate cannot be helpful to him , he will at least interact with other people with foreign language.”

Pooza Bk said: “He know the education is that much important..those who get chance to go to school are really lucky..”

Sheenia 17 said: “In the book of Proverbs, it is written “The Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding”. May God give it to this man and bless him so that he can complete his studies and realize his dreams. Be encouraged sir!”

Sazini Ndlovu said: “I think the school should provide separate elderly classes ….the man is so determined.”

H Sl said: “His determination to return to school is admirable. I think it should be natural, right, more effective, easier & logical for people to study everything in their mother tongues.”

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