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“When I spend my money, I write it down so that my husband will pay me” – Lady says



While others strive for equal partnership in their marriage, creative Shamim Mayanja said that her husband provides for all of her needs without any financial assistance from her.

The comedienne said only on rare occasions does her husband ask her to assist, and when he does, he makes a point of telling her to write it down so that when he is back on his feet, he pays her back.

Speaking to NTV Uganda, Mayanja said:

“My main source of income is my marriage. My husband rarely asks me to pay bills, and even when I do, he asks me to note the amount so that he can pay it back. In fact, I have a book where I keep track of the money he owes me.”

Her sentiments caused mixed reactions online; some people thought that she was among the few who have responsible and doting men. Others thought this promoted laziness amongst the young people who might expect the same treatment from their spouses who are still struggling to make ends meet.

Netizens’ reactions

Christine Nyangoma Amootie “Why am I feeling that my husband isn’t responsible after reading the above statement, where are such husbands found ?”

Natugonza Christine “This statement will bring confusion to many gals here era some marriages won’t survive .”

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Marion Dollars “He must be an early man , these sons of Adam want 50,50 these days , and same time want respect , please try to wash he’s feet and kneel such a gentle man deserves all the respect ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️.”

Jane Nakayita “Now how will she even disrespect a man who does his responsibilities well.”

Levio “That’s how I need to do when I start a family, I don’t want to hear my woman complaining about paying home bills.Her money should stay her money.”

Muwando Brian “These are the stories women want to listen to, the very reason you can’t easily find a good wife in this generation.”

Aliker Ivan Elly II “Imagine a young gal listening and reading this now,, somethings are meant to just kept as a secret.”

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