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“This Girl is So Strong” – Lady Carries Her Boyfriend on Her Back as She Crosses Flooded Road (Video below)



A video of a lady carrying her boyfriend on her back as she crossed one end of a flooded road to the other side has gone viral.

In the short clip seen on TikTok, the lady demonstrated great physical strength as she walked across with the man.

Passers-by stared at the duo but the late was unmoved as she rather dirtied her outfit to help her man.

After safely crossing the flood, she put him down and they both began to stroll on dry ground. Mixed reactions have trailed the clip.

While many gushed over the lady’s action of love, it did not sit well with some other persons.

Watch Video Below:


#pov #fyp #diy valentine’s day

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Social media reactions

Ozioma said: “It can never be melike u go enter dat water i kn mind make u off anything u might be wearing u most cross it by urself.”

nkwoelias said: “The sweetest part is that the go still break that your fragile heart . ypu go dah trust man.”

IAmPoifetso said: “And this girl is so beautiful… bruh.. dam*n.”

sbonokuhlesociald said: “I want to be like him. my guy you and heaven are very close.”

Audrey sylvanie said: “For me I will carry you and then let you down all of us will fall you can’t trust me.”

Keo said: “Knowing myself I’d do that mare the least the dude can do is to offer her his sweater.”

Goffa’s-rents said: “Say what but this is cute.”

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