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“She has been living with me since 2016” — Man reacts after his mother called him out for sending her packing to accommodate his new family



A young man has spoken out after his mother called him out for sending her packing to make room for his partner and their unborn child.

The mother had taken to TikTok to criticize her son for throwing her out of his house because he is expecting a child with his partner.

She shared a video of her son packing her belongings from a wardrobe, and lambasted him for sending his own mother packing.

“Can’t believe my own son is putting me out of his house to make room for his new family”, she captioned the video.

The video quickly went viral online and many joined the mother in criticizing her son for forcefully evicting her from his home.

Following the heavy backlash he received, the young man has gone online to share his own side of the story.

He explained that his mother has been living with him since 2016, but now that he is expecting his first child, he wants her to move out to accommodate his growing family.

He also revealed that his younger sister, who lives nearby, recently gave birth to a child, but his mother has blatantly refused to move in with her despite her suffering from post-partum depression.

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