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“Nothing is Impossible” – Woman Who Has Only One Had Uses it to Braid Her Daughter’s Hair



A lovely family video shows when a mother who has only one hand braided her daughter’s hair.

In the viral TikTok video posted by @velyndaresetanatu, it could be seen that the mother has only one hand complete.

The lady braids her daughter’s hair despite having only one hand. Photo credit: TikTok/@velyndaresetanatu.Source: TikTok

While her left hand is intact, the left appears to have been amputated from the wrist downwards.

Woman with only one hand braids daughter’s hair. The impairment however did not stop her from attending to her daughter and braiding her hair with so much love and affection.

She used her excellent hands first to part the hair into tufts before she started braiding. Her ability to braid very perfectly has made the video to go viral.

She braided each tuft using the amputated hand to support the good one. More inspiring is the fact that she made the hair despite the condition of her hand.

At the moment, the video has gone viral on TikTok and received 574k vews and over 27.3k likes.

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