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“It’s too late” – Man kneels in public to beg girlfriend to take him back, she battles to free herself (Video below)



A Nigerian man was recently captured on tape kneeling down to beg his ex-girlfriend to forgive and accept him back into her life.

In the video making rounds on TikTok, the man put his pride aside and went on his knees in a public gathering to plead for his ex-girlfriend’s forgiveness and acceptance.

Though the reason for their split is unknown, the man can be seen pleading with his girlfriend and groveling on the floor to express his regret.

However, the lady shoved him off when he held onto her leg and refused to give him audience. She also disclosed that it was too late for them to get back together.

She said eventhough it would be difficult to forget him, she can’t reconcile with him for reasons best known to her.

Watch Video Below:

The video has gotten people talking online, as some expressed disappointment in the young man for shamelessly begging a woman to forgive him, while others advised the lady to turn him down and move on with her life.

@kwabena wrote, “Brotherhood is very disappointed in this guy ”

@nomzy_queen wrote, “Don’t mind him, men don’t change”

@chrisbella wrote, “My greatest mistake was to take my ex back it’s not worth it sis don’t do it.”

@Sonia Patrick wrote, “Some come wen they see you got a good guy that is treating you better than them to destroy you so that you can suffer”

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