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“I want to close down my business” – Nigerian lady breaks down in tears (Video below)



This is indeed a trying time for a lot of people due to the economic situation and political uncertainty in Nigeria currently. Entrepreneurs who operate online businesses are not exempted from this situation.

An Instagram vendor that sells foot wears shared a video via her business page, entreating all and sundry to purchase her goods. She said amidst tears that she was fed up with the whole situation and was willing to sell her goods at any price because she wanted to close the business and she doesn’t want to give it all out or have them destroyed.

In her words:

“Please in the name of God, if you need anything from my page I beg you please just buy I am begging you. Even if you don’t need it, if it is something you can give out, buy.

“You can pay any amount you want to pay. I just want to put an end to the business; I am not doing again and I have so much stock I cannot go and give everything out and I am choked, I don’t want to go and destroy them.”

Social media reactions

@somethingrepurposed said: “Why would anyone be disappointed?? Express yourself, you don’t owe anyone apologies.”

@ducibakeshop wrote: “This period is not funny for business owners, take it easy Mama, remember, joy comes in the morning.”

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@the harbie commented: “Can we know the available items? Maybe you should start deleting the unavailable ones so we can see what to buy, or just post what you have at hand.”

@adaora09 said: “Please take it easy Sis! You have honestly been doing a great job here. I love your marketing strategies and the quality of your goods. I remember buying 5 pairs of shoes from you on your last sales and I must confess again that your goods are of good quality. So please just hold on to your business and keep on marketing your goods. Please don’t give up because you inspire alot of people. Generally, Nigeria is in a critical trying time but all will be well soonest. Our God is gallantly on the throne and he is too faithful to disappoint us. What God cannot do does not exist. Sending you love and hugs.”

@africanbutterr_ wrote: “Some of us are just trying to be strong in business, business in Nigeria comes with so much baggage, sometimes you just want to give up especially when you can’t depend on anyone, or you don’t know how to ask people for help, I don’t even want to bothers you, I just want to sale and manage myself ..stay strong sis you will be fine.”

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@addyishow commented: “Please guyz, let’s all patronize

@smcfootwears. Her shoes are of high quality and affordable. Please, let’s support a sister, a friend.”

@Mybeastie wrote: “If 100 people purchase at least one or two items be it bag or shoe or both, it will really go a long way to help

@smcfootwears to continue to stay in business.”

@favourite_wardrobe wrote: “We have really all been here before sis. It’s going to be part of your success story in Jesus name.”

@twinnys_foodstuffs_in_abuja comnented: “Sis this wasn’t our agreement today ooo. We spent d entire day together na. We talked pls just stay put.” olaedo_extra wrote: “Omg! This breaks my heart!!! All we go through!!! All the clothes I designed for valentine??? None!!! Is a trying period my sis!!! Heaven will surely make a way for you!!! Don’t give up!!! The election! The cashless policy! Oooh heaven please help us.”

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