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‘I am ashamed’ – Pep Guardiola issues public apology to Steven Gerrard



Pep Guardiola has issued a grovelling public apology to Steven Gerrard for mentioning the former Liverpool captain’s slip that cost his side the 2013/14 title while defending Manchester City in the wake of being charged by the Premier Leagie..

In his press conference last Friday, Guardiola had referenced Gerrard’s slip – which allowed Chelsea’s Demba Ba to score and dent Liverpool’s title hopes – when claiming City would never have the big moments in their history taken away from them.

“The moment from Sergio Aguero, with [Mario] Balotelli slipping [it through to give him the chance to score the goal that won the 2011/12 title],” he said. “I don’t know if we are responsible for Steven Gerrard slipping…”

He added: “In that situation at Anfield, I didn’t want it [to happen] out of respect for Steven Gerrard, but it’s our fault, come on. That belongs to us. The moments that we lived, these years together…”

But Guardiola has now apologised to Gerrard for making reference to the incident in his impassioned defence of his side after they were hit by 115 Premier League charges regarding their financial affairs.

“I apologise to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary and stupid comments, that I said last time about him,” Guardiola said ahead of City’s trip to Arsenal on Wednesday.

“He knows how I admire him for what he has done in the country where I live. I defended my club but I didn’t represent my club well with my stupid comments. I am ashamed. I have apologised to him privately but, like the comment was public, my apology must be public as well.”

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