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Funny Father Plays Dead to Prank Daughter & Get Her Reaction, She Beats Him Before Continuing Playing



A young father, @kwasi_optional, has played an expensive prank on his daughter to get how she would react and people could not stop talking about it.

While in the room, the man feigned as him the coke he drank poisoned him as he screamed before slumping on the bed.

The girl kept beating the man to wake him up.
Photo source: @kwasi_optionalSource: TikTok

With a camera set to capture the kid’s reaction, the kid beat her dad for sometime, telling to wake up and play with her.

When the father did not buldge, she left him on the bed without thinking he may be dead and got off the camera. People said that she was innocent and did not know about death.

Watch the video below:

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