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#BBTitans: Miracle shocked as female housemates, Nana and Nelisa kiss intimately (Video below)



Two female housemates of the BBTitans reality show Nana and Nelisa exchanged a kiss that stunned Miracle following the Saturday night party.

Recall that Nana had previously disclosed that she identifies as bisexual and doesn’t engage in sexual activity.

Nana and Nelisa surprisingly shared an intimate kiss after the Saturday night festivities in the presence of their fellow housemates, Miracle and Ebubu, who were dining nearby.

The expression on Miracle’s face could move a mountain as he stirred unexpectedly while the female housemates do their thing.

Jenni O, however, intervened and stopped the Nigerian and South African housemates from continuing their kiss.

It is also worthy of noting that Nana once confessed to having resorted to desperate measures, including using the popular aphrodisiac “Kayanmata,” to attract senators.

Watch the video below …

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