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Angry lady storms football pitch to fight boyfriend for sending her N80k instead of N200k (Video below)



A disgruntled lady stormed a football pitch where her boyfriend was playing with friends and accosted him for sending her N80k as against what she asked him for.

She said she had requested for N200,000 but he gave her N80,000 and she was furious that he gave her an amount of money that was not enough to handle whats she needed it for.

The girlfriend charged at her boyfriend and tackled him while on the field, but he was holding himself back from reaction or retaliating as she kept hitting him.

His friends had to intervene when they saw that she was being overtly aggressive and the young man was trying to avoid any physical exchange.

In a video posted online, another guy could be seen telling her to take their quarrel home and not spoil their football match.

But she continued with the confrontation and even picked up an object as though she wanted to attack her boyfriend if not for the timely intervention of the third party.

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