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A Governor From The N’West Who have 22Billion Of Old Naira Notes Stacked In His House – Galadima reveals



According to the ongoing debate about the Central Bank Of Nigeria’s (CBN’s) Naira redesign policy, Alhaji Buba Galadima who is famously known as a renowned northern elder statesman and politician has recently revealed that he knows a prominent governor in the northwest who has stacked 22billion of old Naira Notes in his house.

Galadima, who is also known as a prominent Chieftain of the NNPP presidential campaign council, Kwankwaso further stated some reasons why he supports Federal Government’s claim that the ban on old notes will curb the menace of vote-buying in the upcoming general elections.

He made this statement while appearing in a live interview with the TRUST TV’s ‘Daily Politics’ a few hours ago.

“The government said that they are doing this (naira redesign) because a lot of people have amassed old currencies in their private houses. I agree with it. Because know that there is a governor in the northwestern part of this country, who, from intelligence reports we received, has got about 22 billion naira of the old currency stacked in his house.

This is a governor in the northwest. There is no need for us to blow the whistle because he knows himself and the security agencies are aware. But now, a trap has been set for people like him to go and change the money”, he added.

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To buttress his point, Galadima made it known that some top politician in the country have large caches of cash stored up in the bid to use same in buying votes in the upcoming elections.

What are your thoughts about Galadima’s statement? Do you believe that a prominent governor has stacked 22billion of Naira old Notes in his house? Feel free to share with your loved ones and pen down your opinions in the comment section below.

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