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“You won’t die” – Pastor Ibiyeomie bans couples from affairs for 21-day fasting



Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt, Rivers state capital, has ordered married couples in his church to abstain from being intimate with themselves for the next 21 days.

During the church’s first Sunday service for 2023 held on January 9, Ibiyeomie stated that within the period of three weeks, the congregation will go into prayer and fasting and that physical intimacy is not allowed,

Pastor Ibiyeomie backs position with Bible The outspoken Christian cleric noted that abstinence from affairs will not and does not kill anyone and that the Bible in 1 Corinthians 7:5 recommends it for spouses during fasting.

He cautioned those who believe that they can break their fasting with food and sexual affairs for the day to stir clear from it and drop such a mentality which he said is associated with persons who wish to twist the Bible to gratify their fleshly lust.

His words:

“Abstain from $ex this fasting season because I’ve heard people say, ‘My husband said that once e break since we eat food, we should eat this one too’! So, ah! I’ve heard it! As a pastor, they say please talk to my husband that we are fasting!

“They are not sinners, two of them are members of the Church! They said, ‘Since we eat food, this one too’! Please 1 Corinthians 7:5, let’s close! All the married people read this Scripture! That you break with food doesn’t mean you should break with everything!

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“Twenty-one days ‘no go kill you!’ Stay away from that area! Life is not about $ex. This is not the time to sleep with your husband and wife! Can you hear what I’m saying? From tomorrow, close that place till twenty-one days!

“…You know people, when it comes to bad things they preach the Bible! They won’t read! They say, ‘Since we break with food, why don’t we break for the other one?’ When we break finish’, we will continue the fasting! ‘Na lie!’ It’s not so oh.”

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