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Woman Cries out, Shares Note and Photo She Found in Her 10yrs Old Daughter’s School Bag



A woman has sent social media into a frenzy after revealing the items she found in her young daughter’s school bag.

In a TikTok post, she shared pictures of the love note and a young boy’s photograph she got from the bag and said that she is heartbroken.

In the love note, the writer wanted her daughter to know he loves her and asked her if she felt the same way towards him.

The loverboy also said that she must be happy and ended by reiterating that he loves her. The photograph attached was that of a little boy on a bicycle.

Watch Video Below:


I’m heart broken xerm angifun kungasho 💔💔💔😩😩😭😭😭#SAMA28 #TheOnesWhoDare #fypシ

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Social media reactions

Dankie Mphoza said: “I’m so proud, I never thought these 2000 write letters to each other in class like we used to in primary.”

gloMat said: “My son was 9 last year and he wrote a love letter to a 16yr old telling her gore he will stop loving her if she keeps seeing her with boys.”

user7284937617867 said: “I proudly welcome you to mother wood mine was 9 years she one day cameback from school very excited to tell me she has a boyfriend.”

njabulombuthu3 said: “Hey hai my child at 11 had mjolo drama 2 girlfriends (aged 10&11) court case and bamu dampa both of them. moguy was so moody ended up crying.”

flo_blossom said: “Lol don’t be heartbroken mommy instead this is your chance to get her to be open to you buil that space for her.”

Frances said: “Yho, mine came back with money from the boy and she was 9. She’d get R20 or more, daily. Boy later bought me an inuka lipstick. Imagine!”

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