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“We will Not Collect” – Nigerian Family Rejects Bride Price Paid with Old Naira Notes



A Nigerian family has refused to take old Naira notes used to pay the bride price for their daughter. The family is insisting on taking only new Naira notes since they lack a bank account to deposit the old ones as the CBN deadline nears. reports that the family said they were not yet ready to buy the things for the wedding, hence the old Naira notes could become a problem.

The suitors were asked to take the money back because of the looming January 31 deadline set by the apex bank. After that date, the new Naira notes will replace the old ones which will no longer be accepted as legal tender.

A family member of the suitors has said he will go back and take the money so as to deposit the same in the bank. The incident happened in Niger state.

His words:

“We took money to the family of the girl we want to marry. They called me on Sunday to come and take the old currency notes back pending when we have the new naira notes.

“They said they don’t have anywhere to change the old notes. So, I want to take it to the bank pending when we get the new notes.” There have been reports of some Nigerians rejecting the old Naira notes because of the deadline. Also, some people have complained about the scarcity of new ones as banks continue to load ATMs with old notes.

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