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Sugar mummy reaction As she returns from Dubai catches her lover in clip with his pregnant bae



A sugar mummy returning from Dubai found out, quite shockingly, that her young lover has a pregnant girlfriend. Content creator Sonia who shared the incident on Facebook said the woman contacted her to record what was supposed to be a surprise show of love to her young partner.

The Dubai returnee wanted to surprise her man named Michael with a car and an iPhone 13 Promax and headed to his house only to find out he was there with his pregnant bae.

Michael knelt down and tried to explain his way out of the situation to no avail as his pregnant girlfriend and his sugar mummy attacked him.

The disappointed woman who claimed she sends him money every month left the scene with the gift items while Michael followed behind her, begging to be taken back and given a listening ear. Michael claimed his girlfriend was his sister but the said lady would not stop calling him babe in the presence of his sugar mummy.

The sugar mummy who had dark shades lamented about how she picked him up from the slums and yet he couldn’t stay faithful to her.

Social media reactions

Uchee Lilliano said: “This girl would have calm down nah,why is she shouting babe babe,is that Necessary now.atleast she would hv used her number 6, then after d woman must hv gone then she will devour d guy like a lioness if she is really carrying his baby. Little children and opening of leg is 5&6.”

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Happiness Victor said: “Wow and she boldly brought this on social media ‍♀️, where are our values and culture in Africa? Wait his mom is coming for you ma’am.”

Ejiro Peter said: “You dey call the woman old woman. You nor even no say the money when you dey eat na the old woman money …When you for just keep your mouth shut you con dey cause the woman ..madam i like your maturity SONIA baby I love you make the Guy carry e Cross.”

Anthony Ojiaku said: “What did the sugar mummy think, the young man will marry and have his own family of course so i don’t see the reason for being angry…you’re just catching fun with the boy and you know that the boy will not marry you so please go ahead and give him the gift you bought for him.”

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