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“Someone is going to DIE” – Fans fears over Power Slap league as one star suffers memory loss and others disfigured (Video below)



FIGHT fans have expressed their concerns after watching the first episode of Dana White’s Power Slap League.

The controversial promotion, which was launched by the UFC ‘s president, kicked off in America this week – despite a slew of concerns over the safety of combatants.

And those concerns multiplied ten-fold after the first episode of the brutal sport was televised.

Sheena Bathory’s brutal and viral knockout of opponent Kortney Olson – who performed a forward roll seconds after being flattened – frightened fans, who took to Twitter to voice their fears.

One tweeted: “Holy ***, this is the most dangerous sport I have ever seen.”

Another said: “That’s damaging nerves.”

And another said: “Someone is going to actually die on this show and they’re just okay with it.”

Watch Video Below:

But perhaps the most concerning moment of the night was the momentary memory loss suffered by Chris Kennedy.

Kennedy was knocked out cold by a hellacious slap from his namesake Chris Thomas, in teh tweet above, and couldn’t remember where he was when he came to.

The referee told a badly dazed Kennedy: “You can sit on your butt right now.

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“The doctor is next to you okay you got knocked out.”

A clearly concussed Kennedy began slurring his words after asking: “Got knocked out doing what? Was I fighting?”

The knockout of Kennedy – who was unconscious for a short period of time – didn’t sit well with many.

One viewer tweeted: “Power Slap is the most braindead, dangerous garbage-tier of a show that I’ve ever seen.”

Another said: ” Dana White ‘s slap league….all the power, no defense, and all of the brain trauma.
“Someone is gonna die in this.

And another said: “#PowerSlap is dangerous and fundamentally wrong.”

Although Power Slap received plenty of critcism after it’s debut episode, several fight fans thoroughly enjoyed the show.

One tweeted: “Controversial take: I think #PowerSlap is cool.”

Another said: “Power Slap was awesome. Big fan.”

And another said: “This Power Slap league is awesome.”

One chimed in: “Power Slap League f***in’ dope.”

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