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“Power of woman” – Lady carries jerrycan on her head, rides bicycle with it (Video below)



A short TikTok video has shown a woman riding a bicycle while carrying a yellow jerrycan on her head. Despite the narrow nature of the street where she rode, the woman did not allow the jerrycan to fall from her head.

She was not even holding the jerrycan because she concentrated on navigating the bad road with her bicycle.

It appears the woman went to fetch water with her bicycle. But many people are wondering why she did not tie the water on the bicycle carrier.

Instead, she chose to carry it on her head and risk throwing away the content should the jerrycan fall. But the good thing is that the jerrycan did not fall at all. The road she rode on had many trucks parked on either sides and she was left with a narrow, bumpy path to ride on.

She carefully rode on the road and people on TikTok are appluading her as a genius. The video was posted by @user4496957119301.

Watch the video below:

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