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Nigerian lady sends her elder sister packing for advising her to stop sleeping with different men



A young Nigerian lady has sent her elder sister packing for advising her to stop dating and bringing different men to the house.

In a video shared online, the lady, who accommodated her sister under her roof, is seen packing her belongings out of the house because of her sisterly advice.

The elder sister, who filmed the confrontation, is seen telling her sister to return her belongings back into the house because she’s not planning to leave.

She also chided her younger sister for lacking respect for her as the senior, however, the latter maintained that she should leave her house.

According to her, she should take her seniority out of her house because she’s not supposed to be living with her younger one in the first place.

The video was captioned,

“My younger sister is sending me out of her house bcos I advice her to stop different men in the house.”

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