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Mother unleashes the fury of hell as daughter makes her believe she’s pregnant for married man (video)



Two Nigerian sisters played a risky prank on their mother by claiming that one of them was impregnated by a man..

The young ladies mum thought the baby belongs to her boyfriend named Peter, but she said the man responsible is married with two children.

In a video posted online, the moment the woman heard that her daughter’s ‘baby daddy’ is someone’s husband, she went into a fit of rage and started beating her.

When the sister tried to pacify their mum, she transferred the aggression to her and pounced on both of them.

She questioned the girl to know who thought her that it is okay to be with a married man and even get pregnant for him.

She beat them with so much anger, and picked objects to lunge at them, and in the heat of the moment they confessed that it was just a prank.

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