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Man rendered speechless as wife reveals she’s pregnant after 9 years of waiting (Video below)



A Nigerian couple is in a jubilant mood following the blessings of the fruit of the womb they received from God.

The husband and wife have been praying and waiting for a child after being married for nine years and God finally answered them.

A video-reel shared their journey from when she conceived to the point she gave birth to a boy who is now some months old.

Her husband was rendered speechless for a few moments after getting the joyful news from her and then he gave her a big warm hug.

In the video which is circulating online, the woman informed her husband that she is pregnant by showing him the pregnancy strip which turned positive.

She thanked God for listening to their pleas and giving them a baby boy to make their home a happy one.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, reported how Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Ehie Ogerenye Edison claimed that the state governor, Nyesom Wike’s name performed wonders for a pregnant woman experiencing difficulty giving birth.

He said the woman was able to deliver safely after shouting Nyesom Wike’s name three times and a cesarean section which had been scheduled to take place was halted.

Edison made this claim when the governor visited his constituency in Ahoada on Wednesday, January 12, 2023.

He said, “As at yesterday night, there was a lady on (in) labour. The lady tried, (but) she couldn’t put to bed. They had already prepared the theatre for her to be operated on this morning.

“But because the nurses knew that you are coming to Ahodia today, they were discussing that ‘our executive governor is coming to Ahodia today; this man likes Ahoada people’.

“At the hearing of your name, the woman shouted ‘the God of Nyesom Wike, let me deliver safely’. Three times, the woman mentioned your name; she delivered a bouncing baby boy.

“Praise ye the Lord! Your excellency, that was your name. They came this morning and said they want to name the boy in your name. I said no, don’t do that until I hear a confirmation from his excellency.”

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