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“If I Open Up The Secret That Keeps Nnamdi Kanu In Detention, He Will Be Released Immediately” – Wike Reveals



Rivers State Governor Wike Nyesom has said the revelation of the secret behind the detention of Indigenous Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu will force the Nigerian government to release him immediately.

He also says that Nnamdi Kanu is still detained because he refused to dance to their song and they will not release him because buhari asked him for something and he refused. “If all this comes out today, Nigeria will be divided,” he said.

According to Wike:

“They will say that if I talk now, Wike is talking too much but I am sure if I reveal the secret that he is still holding Nnamdi Kanu, he will be released immediately and this country will be divided later after the revelation. Nnamdi Kanu refused to dance to the tune of the Nigerian Federal Government. So He is still in Their Co-study.”

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