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“A Townhall Different from Bala-Blu” – University Sets Exam Question Based on Tinubu’s Gaffe



Nasarawa State University has stirred reactions on social media after setting an examination question set on a popular gaffe made by the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Following his decision not to attend some town hall meetings, Tinubu suffered a gaffe as he tried to dismiss the events.

While some said the APC presidential candidate may have unsuccessfully attempted to pronounce the world hullabaloo, his campaign team passed it off that he was making fun of the word.

Nevertheless, the “balablu blu blu bulaba” trended on social media as opponents of the APC presidential candidate used it to mock him.

Speaking at a political gathering in Imo state, Tinubu attempted to justify his refusal to attend town hall debates, saying something like:

“A town hall, different from balablu blu blu bulaba.”

A popular Twitter user, Sir Jarus, @SirJarus, shared a photo of an examination question from the Nasarawa State University’s Faculty of Social Sciences asking students to “justify the social judgment theory”, using Tinubu’s popular gaffe as a case study.

The question reads:

“Using the social media trending Sarcastic statement “A Townhall, Different, From Bala-Blu, Blu-Blu, Bula-Ba”, justify the social judgment theory.

The question was for part-time 200-level students of Mass Communication at the state university.

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