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Young Couple Take Blood Oath To Strengthen Their Relationship (Video below)



A Nigerian couple have sparked reactions on social media after they decided to make a blood covenant.

A young man and his babe pricked their fingers and took an oath sealed with their blood to strengthen the bond they share.

In a video which surfaced online, the guy could be seen using a needle to prick his babe’s finger and his own, making blood come out from a little hole.

The couple then joined the two fingers at the exact spot the blood came out from and prayed for God to bless their relationship.

Netizens that reacted to the boy and girl’s love oath were opposed to the decision and warned against future repercussions.

Watch Video Below:

sleepwear_nig; God forbid bad thing🤦‍♀️ where are their parents

thefoodnetworknig2; The way people do things just cos of the wave of the moment ehn! Small love wey dey shack una , see what you’re doing ? Consequences dey front dey look you 🙇🏾‍♀️

odeh3156; 2022 nd pple are doing blood oat, with how relationship don’t last this days😮

sirsuto; Tomorrow now someone will run mad and they will blame their step mother.

macdenemmanuel; And this ones may not know there genotype before embarking in such stupid and disgraceful act.

omoleyehannah; But to check your blood sugar level, una go dey shout say una dey fear needle

vendorsinlagosng; They’ll think everything is clout until they see themselves walking naked inside Mile 12 market.

amagracie; Na the girl go first regret this thing😂😂😂 when she don jam better people she go know wetin she do herself😂😂😂

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