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You won’t hear from me a ‘Messi is the best in history – Ancelotti



Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media ahead of Real Madrid’s match against Real Valladolid, their first game after the World Cup break..

In Qatar Lionel Messi’s Argentina triumphed, with most hailing him the best player ever to live.

Some are refusing to give him that title though, including Madrid’s Ancelotti.

“It’s hard to say, his career continues, whether he’s got a World Cup or not,” said Ancelotti.

“Is he the best in history? I don’t know, honestly. I neach era there have been very strong players, many of them. You won’t hear from me a ‘Messi is the best in history’. I enjoy the best, I’ve seen Maradona, Cruyff, I’m coaching the current Ballon d’Or winner.

“I don’t know who is the best in history.”

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