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Woman Rejects Her Brother’s Choice For A Wife, Reveals Her Reason Why



Kenyan woman identified as Bianca Wamu, has revealed that she got into a quarrel with her brother over the woman he intends to marry.

She rejected the woman he introduced as his future partner because she does not like her online personality as a ‘serial twerker’.

Bianca said her brother’s woman always posts videos of herself twerking half-nude on social media and she felt it would not be right to turn a blind eye and allow her sibling marry such a lady.

According to the woman, she informed him of her dislike for the lady because of what she does and asked if he could not find someone amongst the women in Kenya that will be a good mother to their kids.

She said he has refused to talk to her ever since she made him realise that she is not in support such a union.

Bianca said; “My brother wants to marry this LADY, but I’ve issues with the girl! The lady is a serial TWERK. Shares videos dancing HALF-NAKED. Yes, I know my brother loves her, but I’ve asked him,” Of all the WOMEN in Kenyan,you can’t find a good MOTHER for my nephews?” He’s not TALKING to me.”

Bianca™ (@Biancawamu2) December 22, 2022
When a Twitter user @YancaDaCaramel asked; Do u wanna twerk for ur brother

Biance responded; “No! I want my brother to marry a morally upright sister-in law. A woman who can sit down with kids and show them how to read, write and solve mathematical problems. Not the one who twerks 24/7.”

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