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Super-talented Man Performs Acrobatic Moves While Sitting On Cans (Video below)



More TikTok users are rushing to watch a video of a man who is heavily gifted in acrobatics. As of the last count on Wednesday, December 21, the video posted by Lionel Bayka has received a whopping 430k views as people heaped praises on the talented man.

In the short clip, the young man arranged five empty cans, using the biggest as the foundation and the smallest as a sitting point.

The man then sat on the last can and had his two legs lifted up high far above his head.

The flexible man also stretched his legs forward while still sitting and then lay on his back straight as if the cans were a mattress. His fans who were present could not help but clap for him as many of them were amazed.

They also gave him cash gifts. TikTok users have fallen in love with the video as they praised the man for his brave performance.

Watch Video Below:

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