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Pregnant Sex Worker Beaten By Colleagues For Selling At Cheaper Price In The CBD



Mariam claims that Gladys appeared in their CBD location giving a startlingly low price of KSH 150 as opposed to the customary KSH 350 or more.

The sex worker has been accused of attacking a coworker for charging a low fee in the CBD location in Mombasa, where they claim to serve “luxury clients.”

Gladys Ahela, the victim, had moved away from her normal spot in search of greener pastures when upcountry tourists began coming in Mombasa for the holidays, the court was informed. She first encountered Mariam Imodia, the accused, at this new place.

According to Miriam, the KSH. 150 pricing is applied in Likoni and other “poor income” districts but not in Mombasa CBD, where they have recently been working.

Gladys claims Mariam verbally harassed her whenever she entered the workspace, using statements like “Wale wa kuuza bei ya chini wamefika,” among others (The ones selling at low prices have arrived).

“Your honour judge huwa tunafanya kazi ya kufurahisha wanaume na ile kitu Mungu alitupea bure and as you can see I am younger compared to her so I know how to make my clients happy and that is why they keep on coming back,” says Gladys who’s pregnant.

Gladys Ahela’s colleague, and suspect Mariam Imodia, admitted to the accusation of causing bodily harm to Ahela.

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