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“Peter Obi’s Is Doing As If Northern Votes Are Not Important To Him” – Umma Getso Lament



The presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, has been accused of underrating and overlooking the votes from the North ahead of the 2023 election.

Umma Getso, the former vice presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party in 2019, stated that with Peter Obi’s appointment into his campaign team and also his overall body language, he is making it look as if Northern votes do not matter to him.

While urging his to present himself as a full Nigerian prepared to carry everyone along, she reminded him that votes from the Southeast alone can’t make him President.

She said:

“Again, if you look from the Peter Obi side, I don’t know how Obi can emerge with this impression that he is a Southern candidate or Igbo candidate? Is it only the vote of the Southeast that will take him there?

I expect him to run a fair kind of election where he will present himself as a full and true Nigerian candidate, but if you look at his campaign council you will know it does not fully represent the Nigeria we are yearning for. He is doing as if he still believes in Biafra and that the Northern votes do not matter much for him.”

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