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“People Who Do Not Have N500,000 In Bank Accounts Want A Withdrawal Of It In A Week?” – Oseni Rufai Lament



During the Morning Show program on Arise News, Oseni Rufai, Nigerian journalist and Arise TV presenter, asked that the people who don’t have 500,000 thousand naira in their bank accounts are the one who wants a withdrawal of 500,000 naira in a week.

He made the statement while reacting to the news of the CBN adjusting cash withdrawal limits from 100,000 weekly for individuals to 500,000 a week and 500,000 a week for corporate to 5 million naira a week.

Oseni Rufai began by asking what type of nation do we want, he asked whether we want to grow or remain where we are?. He said he thinks we want to remain where we are.

He observed that because political cash will be stilefold with the new policy of withdrawal limit, so we are trying to shut Mr. Emefiele down and discredit the CBN.

“I understand the plight of the POS operators but let’s introspect on data, NDIC in 2019 said about 2% of Nigerians, and in fact at some point, they said about 99.4 percent of Nigerians do not have up to 500,000 naira in their bank account. So people who do not have up to 500,000 naira in their bank account are the ones that want to make a weekly withdrawal of 500,000? Are we kidding ourselves?”

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