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“Nigeria Is A Good Country” – Man Laments After Buying Half Yam For N4k Abroad



A 29 seconds video has shown a Nigerian man who went shopping for yam in the UK. The video posted by @mc_2mic on Saturday, December 3, has gone viral after the man said he bought a half tuber of yam for N4k.

The man held out the half tuber picked from a bowl and lamented that it cost 5 pounds, an equivalence of N4000 in the official rate.

He went ahead to say in the video that Nigeria is a good country. He was trying to say that yams are cheaper in Nigeria as against the UK.

His assertion, however, did not go down well with some people who said he also receives good pay in the UK. Different reactions trailed the video as TikTokers proceeded to the comment section to have a say.

Some of his followers told him in no uncertain terms to come back to Nigeria since he said it is a good country.

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