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“Na your papa buy bus for me?” – Bus conductor challenges policeman over his inability to pay his transport fare in Lagos



A bus conductor has been captured challenging a police officer who could not afford his transport fare.

The conductor urged the policeman to come down from his vehicle and refused to accept the money he was offering but the officer refused.

Other drivers around had to intervene and plead with the officer to leave the car before he finally agreed to exit.

The video stirred some reactions with netizens wondering why the conductor was so rude to an officer of the law while others opined that the police officer had no right to impose his authority on another man’s source of income.

Ade wrote; “What a pity. Demanding improved conditions of the police service, particularly salary increase and provision of modern weapons as they tackle the mounting security challenges facing the country was part of the course we were fighting for during the end SARS movement but what happened? They sent you people against us. Oya pay na.. The Country is not smiling”

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