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Moment Man Confronted VIO Officials For Driving Without Using Seat Belt (Video below)



A Nigerian man has displayed an uncommon type of boldness by challenging VIO officials for not obeying the driving code in Nigeria.

In a video circulating online, a team of VIO officials were driving in their official vehicle without using seat belts and he decided to confront them.

The man got out of his car which was behind their van in traffic and asked them to explain why they were not using their seat belts.

They tried to ignore him and drive off but the traffic prevented them from moving more than a few inches forward.

He followed the VIO and said they are breaking the law which they are supposed to uphold, but in their defence, the men said they are on operation.

The man then asked which operation was taking place on the road that warranted them to drive without seat belts.

He noted that they arrest citizens for violating driving rules only for them to end up being the guilty ones.

The man said he was supposed to arrest them and seize the vehicle because of the offence, but he did nothing other than the confrontation. He then walked back to the car he alighted from and hopped back in the fron passenger’s seat.

Watch Video Below:

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