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Man & Woman Lean On Each Other As They Enjoy Sleep Inside Bus (Video below)



A lady has posted a video showing a man and a woman sleeping deeply inside a public bus. In the video posted on December 17 by Slim Mama, the man and the woman battled to stay alert as th bus cruised on.

The clip showed how the man and the woman sat very close to each other and then dozed off.

When he slept off, the man’s head digressed towards the woman’s shoulder as her own head was also coming towards him.

Their heads finally met and they slighty woke up for a moment before sleeping off again. Slim Mama did not like the scene and said she used the public bus because she did not carry her car.

TikTok users who have come across the video agree that it is had fighting sleep in public and said the two must have been very tired.

Watch Video Below:

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