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Man Wears His Wife’s Gown, Acts Drama In Labour Room To Cheer Her Up (Video below)



A TikTok lady has posted a video of her husband who supported her when she was pregnant. The labour room video was posted on Sunday, December 18, by Officialvie and it has been viewed 26k times as of Monday morning.

Officialvie said she was pregnant and entered premature labour contractions and was taken to the hospital.

In the video which lasted 2 minutes and 3 seconds, the man stormed the labour room wearing his wife’s nightgown.

He also put on gloves, acting as a medical doctor as he asked his wife to ‘open her legs.’ When Officialvie refused to open her legs for him to check, her husband said she would have opened them if he was a doctor.

He regretted not studying medicine and surgery. Officialvie said her husband’s drama eased her pain in the labour room.

The video has so far received 3k likes and 194 comments from TikTok users who called the man supportive.

Watch the video below:

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