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Man In Tears As Hidden Camera Captures Girlfriend Cheating With Rich Guy (Video below)



Young man has been left totally shattered during a programme which exposed his girlfriend for choosing a rich guy over him.

He employed the services of private investigators and actors to find out if his woman would dump him for someone who is more affluent and the result broke his heart.

One of the actors posed as a rich guy who treated her to a life of luxury and kept buying her gifts to win her over.

Hidden cameras were planted in the house she shares with her man and on one fateful day, she told the guy she would be willing to leave her boyfriend for him.

The rich guy then offered to book a hotel for them to go and have some fun.

Her boyfriend who was watching the scene from another room became emotional because he found it hard to believe she would treat him that way even though he has done a lot for her.

In a video making the rounds online, the boyfriend said the relationship was over and added that he would kick her out of his house to go be with the rich man.

The sad boyfriend took a break to go and smoke outside so that he could calm his nerves and after that, he said he wanted to enter the room his girl was in with the rich guy so that she can realise that he knows everything.

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