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“Life No Easy” – Dispatch Rider Parks His Bike & Sleeps Off By Roadside (Video below)



A man posted a video showing a dispatch rider who appeared tired and dozed off on his bike. A TikTok user named Sellout posted the video on December 17 to show how the man parked his bike to rest by the roadside.

Other TikTok users have besieged the video with comments after it went viral and got 129k views by the afternoon of December 20.

In the 19 seconds clip, the man was seen on his bike having a nice nap on one side of a busy road.

The name of the man and the location where he plies his trade is not yet known even as some TikTok users have said they would like to bless him. Some who commented however raised concerns about the man’s safety since he slept close to the road.

Watch Video Below:

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