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JUST IN: IPOB Dissolved by UK Government – More Details below



The Indigenous People Of Biafra – IPOB has been dissolved and struck off as a registered company in the United Kingdom, ENigeria Newspaper reports. IPOB is a nationalist separatist organization in Nigeria that, under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a British citizen, has as its goal the restoration of the Republic of Biafra.

When Nnamdi Kanu founded IPOB in 2014, he also established it as a corporation in the United Kingdom. IPOB quickly gained support, especially from Igbo speakers worldwide, and as time went on, the agitation and movement began to gain worldwide acclaim with more people supporting the independence of Biafra from Nigeria.

Many people hold the opinion that Biafra’s secession would also give voice to the demand for the Oodua Republic to become an independent state.

However, things began to make for a shift when many followers of Nnamdi Kanu were accused of participating in and allegedly planning terrorist attacks, particularly in the South-East. This led to the deaths of many in the area, and on September 20, 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari led government officially designated the group as a terrorist organization, which resulted in the arrest of several members of the group across the country.The Nigerian government has filed treason-related charges against IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, who is currently on trial. However, Simon Ekpa, who is believed to be Kanu’s follower, has gained attention as a result of the Kanu trial.

Gunmen allegedly affiliated with IPOB have recently carried out deadly attacks in the southeast, implementing a contentious sit-at-home order issued by controversial Finnish lawyer Simon Ekpa.According to a new development, the UK government has now revoked IPOB’s registration in the country, a document sighted by ENigeria Newspaper suggests.

Others are saying that the move is a step in the right way for IPOB in response to the news that has sparked significant internet jubilation. legitimate freedom-fighting organization in the UK.

The argument is that IPOB is no longer a personal private firm but has been officially recognized as a In the meantime, there has reportedly been discord recently inside IPOB, particularly in light of Nnamdi Kanu’s detention and suspected extraordinary rendition from Kenya. There were also hints that some dishonest players had gotten involved in the struggle and created a faction within the organization.

Only a few days ago, Premium Times reported that Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Nnamdi Kanu’s principal attorney and the leader of IPOB, has filed a lawsuit against Simon Ekpa over the proclamation of a sit-at-home order in the Southeast region of Nigeria,

This was revealed by Mr. Ejiofor on Tuesday in a Facebook post where he detailed his line of action. Since Mr. Kanu was “intercepted” in Kenya in June of last year by Nigerian security officials and hauled back to Abuja, Mr. Ekpa, the leader of a pro-Biafra group, Autopilot IPOB, a faction of the IPOB, has issued sit-at-home orders.

On December 7, Mr. Ekpa also proclaimed a five-day sit-at-home period to be held from December 9 to December 14 throughout the southeast of Nigeria. Tuesday, December 13th, was excluded. Mr. Ekpa said that the sit-at-home order was in response to “proactive steps” taken by unidentified Biafra agitators to address the escalating instability in the area, which, in his opinion, was brought on by the Nigerian government. He made the announcement using his verified Twitter profile.

He issued a warning to the locals telling them to stay indoors for the duration of the five days or face consequences for disobeying the order.

A number of Igbo leaders criticized the proclamation and asked locals to ignore it.

Gunmen executing the five-day sit-at-home order have attacked some residents for leaving their houses during that time. For instance, on Friday, gunmen invaded Imo villages and killed Prince Theme, the older brother of Nollywood star Osita Theme, as well as a police officer.

Once more, some thugs carried out a series of attacks on Saturday in Enugu State, killing two people in a local market and setting a police car on fire. Many have since been calling for the arrest of Ekpa by the Finnish government. (E-Nigeria)

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