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“I Regretted Having You As My Father” – Sad Biography Of Dead Nigerian Man By His Children Left Many In Shock



Mixed reactions have trailed the sad biography written by the children of a Nigerian man who passed away at the age of 66. Samuel Strong shared the page of the biography on the Facebook group Rant HQ Extention and sarcastically remarked that they did lay him to rest.

The man’s kids said that though no one is perfect, he left them no legacy. The writer of the biography expressed regrets about having him as a father while growing up.

They slammed the deceased for being good to outsiders while neglecting his home.

“…Indeed you were so good to outsiders but your own home was a total shamble. As a growing child, I regretted having you as a father, but today, look at me, standing to lay you down to rest,” an excerpt of the biography’s preamble reads.

Meanwhile, previously reported that a rich Nigerian dad had barred his kids from his property as he disowned them. In an open letter shared on Facebook on Thursday, April 7 by an APC Chieftain Joe Igbokwe, the chief said the decision was owing to their recalcitrant behaviours.

While giving the names of the disclaimed children as Abadi Ebi, Abadi Seidougha, Abadi Otuan, Abadi Ndukari Joshua, Abadi Ndutimi, Abadi Abule and Abadi Samuel, the chief stated that he had trained them from primary to university level.

Rufus added that he had also created an enabling environment for them by providing each one a decent accommodation and car.

Isaac Inwang said: “If it will please God to make me die at old age, may my children not describe me the way this man’s children described him. “May my children celebrate my fatherhood both in my lifetime and upon my death.”

Charles Ndubuisi said: “I had the most wonderful father anyone could have wished for but even if reverse was the case I would never have dragged his name and memory in the mud like this.”

Awang Patrick said: “I don’t blame them at all… I know the pains of having an irresponsible father who is a beast at home but an angel to outsiders… I can totally relate to this… Those children no get joy sha but the man wherever he is will be on a serious hold up to heaven.”

Adebayo Bello said: “This is a message to all big men children who refused to hustle but are putting their mind on inheritance. This is how your father will disappoint many of you.”

Cynthia Michael Okpamen said: “Most father’s are like this. Very good to outsiders but bad at home. If u fail ur children as a father then don’t expect their love even in death. Parents play ur role well and see if ur kids can stay a day without hearing from u. That u are lucky to have a good dad doesn’t mean another was. The child spoke his or her bottled pain. RIP SIR.”

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