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“Hot Breakfast” – Man Suffers Stroke After Wife Told Him Their 2 Kids Aren’t His



A Nigerian man’s world took a drastic downturn after his wife revealed to him that their two children are not his.

According to @MaverickThamani who shared the sad incident on Twitter, the man who is in his early 50’s was back carried by his younger sister to her office and that was how she was told his story.

She said the man was so into his wife that he chose her words over his family. He was at loggerheads with his family because of her until one day he caught her having se*xual intercourse with a man.

This led to a fight between them. It was in the course of the fight that the woman broke it to him that their kids aren’t his.

“So in the course of the fight na, to spite the man, she dropped the bomb. “Are you a man? Can you get a woman pregnant? Those kids are not yours” “People that came to separate fight all tried to reprimand her thinking it was anger o. For where? “Madam was dropping it back to back…,” the tweep wrote.

The man immediately collapsed and suffered a stroke. His wife dumped him and left with the kids as well as cleared his bank account. “Before they could all recover, oga collapsed from the shock. BP went up. “They said he was already a BP patient (I mean who wouldn’t have BP with such a wife?)

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“That’s how he got stroke o. “Queen Jezebel cleared his accounts coz she had full access and left with the kids…” Now, he lives at the mercy of the same family he had ignored because of his wife.

See her tweet below:

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