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“Grandma No Get Joy” – Elderly Woman Ties Granddaughter’s Hand With Rope (Video below)



A smart Nigerian grandmother used a funny method to prevent her little grandchild from getting lost on the road.

While taking a stroll, the older woman decided to tie the little girl’s right hand with a rope as a form of protection.

After tying her hand, she held on firmly to the other end of the rope and walked along the road with it. Despite her hand being tied, the little girl kept on staring backwards, giving viewers the impression that she might be stubborn.

Video keeps netizens in stitches

@sisdebbie2 said: “Even this one that she has tied her hand see how she is looking somewhere and not even focusing.”

@teiko66 wrote: “Even this one koraa see the way she’s looking somewhere else.”

@esme_ralda60 stated: “Lil ones can stress grandmas. So for every to be simple.”

Watch Video Below:

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