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Adidas Run Out of Lionel Messi Argentina Shirts Following World Cup Triumph Over France



Following Lionel Messi’s World Cup win, Adidas has ran out of his shirts in Argentina colours due to massive rush for the shirt.

Recall that Argentina won France to claim the world title..

Messi’s popularity is currently all-time high having spearheaded a thrilling victory in Qatar, scoring twice during the game and slotting in his penalty in the shootout.

Clothing brand, Adidas, who sponsors Argentina have experienced a massive rush for Messi shirts.

The sportswear giant said: ‘We are working to meet the extraordinary demand for jerseys and more stock will be available soon.’

Even before the World Cup final, it was incredibly difficult for fans to purchase official Messi shirts.

The Adidas website showed up as ‘sold out’, while other resale sites such as Amazon were also out of stock.

Adidas plan on cashing in on the success and added: ‘Since their history-making win we have produced a range of immediately available celebratory apparel and we will also create a brand new version of their iconic jersey, featuring three stars to mark their third World Championship, for fans around the globe as soon as possible.’

The World Cup has seen a massive boost to sales for Adidas, who have made £349million in ‘event-related sales’ in the fourth quarter of this year.

They report a higher demand for merchandise in this tournament to any other and say sales were up by 30 percent even before the World Cup.

Argentina were the only Adidas-sponsored team to advance beyond the last 16 at the tournament in Qatar.

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